Basic patterns for knitted toy (bear)



1 ball double knitting yarn

Small quantity of soft textured, high quality safety stuffing

2 x 6mm round black beads for eyes

Black embroidery thread or floss for features

Sewing needles

Stitch holder


1 pair 3.25mm (UK 10; US 3) knitting needles


Work entirely in GS, unless otherwise stated.


Cast on 30 sts.

Rows 1–4: GS.

Row 5: K2, skpo, knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.

Rows 6–7: GS.

Continue to dec in this way on every third row until 8 sts rem.

Next row: K2, skpo, K2tog, K2.

Next row: K2, skpo, K2.

Next row: K1, sl1, K2tog, psso, K1.

Next row: K3tog.

Fasten off.

Body and legs (make two pieces the same)

Cast on 12 sts.

Rows 1–2: GS.

Rows 3–8: inc 1 st at each end of rows 3, 5 and 7 [18 sts].

Rows 8–33: knit.

Row 34: divide for legs. K8, cast-off 2, knit to end [8 sts].

Proceed on these 8 sts for first leg.

Rows 35–52: knit.

Row 53: K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, K2tog.

Row 54: cast off.

Return to stitches left on needle, rejoin yarn and complete to match first leg.

Arms (make two)

Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1: knit.

Row 2: knit twice into each st to end [12 sts].

Rows 3–6: knit.

Row 7: inc 1 st at each end of row [14 sts].

Rows 8–27: knit.

Rows 28–30: dec 1 st at each end of rows 28 and 30 [10 sts].

Row 31: K2, (K2tog) 3 times, K2 [7 sts].

Row 32: knit.

Cast off (this is the top of the arm).

Making up

1. Make up the head by folding the three corners of the triangle into the centre; the fold lines are shown in the top diagram opposite. Sew the two side seams either side of the nose, and across the corner lines to form the ears, as shown in the lower diagram.

2. Sew a little way along the neck seam, just down from the nose. Stuff the head firmly to give it a good shape. Stitch on the nose and mouth with black thread, and sew on the eyes.

3. Stitch the back and front body pieces together using a flat seam on the right side of the work. Leave the neck edge open for stuffing. Stuff firmly and then close the neck opening. Attach the head to the body.


Shoes (make two): Using an appropriate colour and 3.25mm (UK 10; US 3) needles, cast on 14 sts.

Next row: knit.

Next row: inc in each st across row [28 sts].

Work 5 rows GS.

Next row: K2tog, K8, (K2tog) 4 times, K8, K2tog.

Next row: K9, (K2tog) twice, K9.

Next row: knit.

Cast off. Stitch the seam along the base and back of the shoe. Put a tiny amount

of stuffing inside the shoe, place the base of the leg inside the shoe and stitch it

in place. Add embellishments.

Trousers (make two pieces the same):

Using an appropriate colour and 3.25mm (UK 10; US 3) needles, cast on 13 sts.

Rows 1–4: GS.

Rows 5–20: SS, ending on a purl row. Break yarn and leave these 13 sts on a

spare needle.

Now work another piece to match. Do not break off yarn but continue as


Knit across 13 sts on needle, cast on 2 sts, work across 13 sts left on spare

needle [28 sts].

Next row: purl.

*Work a further 2 rows in SS, ending on a purl row.

Next row: K2, skpo, knit to last 4 sts, K2tog, K2.

Next row: purl.*

Repeat from * to * [24 sts].

Work 4 rows in rib, or as given in instructions.


Bodice front

Cast on 24 sts.

Rows 1–6: SS.

Rows 7–8: cast off 2 sts at beg of each row.

Rows 9–10: SS.

Row 11: dec 1 st at each end of row [18 sts].

Row 12: purl.

Rows 13–16: SS.

Divide for neck

Work 7 sts, slip next 4 sts on to stitch holder, work 7 sts.

Continue on first 7 sts for side of neck.

Dec 1 st at neck edge on next and following alt rows until 4 sts rem.

Cast off.

Work other side to match.

Bodice back

Work rows 1–16 of bodice front.

Rows 17–21: SS.

Cast off.


With RS facing, pick up and knit 24 sts along cast-on edge of bodice front.

Next row: purl.

Next row: knit twice into each st [48 sts].

Continue in SS and complete as given in pattern.

Repeat the above, on bodice back.


Join one shoulder seam.

With RS facing, pick up and knit 5 sts down one side of neck, 4 sts from stitch

holder across front of neck, 5 sts up other side of neck and 10 sts around back

of neck (rem 4 sts will form other shoulder).

Next row: knit.

Cast off knitwise.

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