Knitted clutch bag-free knitting pattern. Harmonious shades of recycled yarn combine to create
this super-chunky clutch bag by Ann Franklin

Knitted clutch bag-free knitting pattern

Knitted clutch bag-free knitting pattern

The bag is knitted as a long rectangle then folded up on itself and seamed at the sides

1. Paintbox Yarns Recycled Metallic Ribbon (super chunky, 50% cotton, 37% polyester, 13% metallic, 250g/120m)
1 ball of each:
Yarn A Silver (002)
Yarn B Galaxy (008)
2. A pair of 8mm needles
3.  Snap fastener, 25mm diameter
4.  Metallic silver sewing thread
5.  A lobster trigger swivel clasp and split ring.

11 sts and 13 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) over patt using 8mm needles

27x18cm (10½ x 7 in)

For abbreviations see here

Cast on 29 sts using 8mm needles and Yarn A.
Row 1 (RS) *K1, P1; rep from * to the last st, K1.
Row 2 *P1, K1; rep from * to the last st, P1.
Row 3 Knit.
Row 4 *P1, K1; rep from * to the last st, P1.
Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until work measures 45cm from the cast-on
Next row *K1, P1; rep from * to the last st, K1.
Next row *P1, K1; rep from * to the last st, P1.
Cast off in single rib (as Row 1).

Cast on 20 sts using 8mm needles and Yarn B.
Row 1 (RS) Knit.
Row 2 Purl.
Cast off purlwise.
Cast on 30 sts using 8mm needles and Yarn A.
Cast off purlwise.
1 Place a marker on each side of the main piece, 15cm from the cast-off edge. Fold up the cast-on edge to meet the markers, with the right side facing to inside of the folded piece. Sew the side seams with metallic thread. Turn the bag to the right side.
2 Roll up the roses, with the right side to the outside, and allowing the cast-off edge to curl over. Sew through the bottom (cast-on) edge to hold the roll in place.
3 Place the roses in a row along the edge of the flap of the bag (the portion not sewn to the back at the sides), 1½ rows above the cast-off edge.
4 Sew one half of the snap fastener to the centre of the inside of the flap (in line with the central rose), and the corresponding half to the main body of the bag.
5 Thread the loose ends of the wrist strap through the D loop at the base of the clasp and sew them down using sewing thread for about 2cm.
6 Fold the wrist strap in half and sew the ends of the straps together for the same 2cm. Sew the split ring inside the bag on one side seam, 3-4cm from the cast-on edge. Attach the wrist strap’s clasp
to the ring.