Four  Christmas knitted toys.Meet our cuddly friends from the Arctic. They make perfect Christmas gifts for little ones.

Arctic Archie-Christmas knitted toys

This adorable Inuit doll is wrapped up warm and off to do a spot of fishing with his Arctic chums.

Dressed in his warm coat with its wintry fur-like trim, Archie the Inuit is feeling snuggly in the cold climes of the Arctic as he plays with his friends the seal, polar bear and penguin. His turquoise coat is knitted in Stylecraft DK with the fleecy trim in Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake. His fish is knitted in a variegated yarn to make it
‘shimmer’! Archie may look intricate, but he’s straightforward to knit up and assemble.


PENGUIN-Christmas knitted toys


They love to cuddle up together , their favourite hobby is fishing and they relax by bobsleighing -using their tummies instead of a sledge. No wonder penguins have a reputation for being happy! Knitted in Stylecraft DK this
squeezable little fellow has hours of cuddling ahead of him and his yarn is durable enough to withstand many tumbles in the washing machine – to Penguin that sounds like lots of fun!

POLAR BEAR-Christmas knitted toys

Some toys are destined to be with the family forever, and this loyal bear is one of them. With his gentle expression and snub black nose he’s easy to fall in love with and we predict that baby will want Snowy bear by his side always. As you knit, refer to the photo of the finished bear often to inspire you. You’ll be creating lots of small, similar-looking pieces in white but as you work on the bear’s features you’ll see his personality start to emerge.


FLIPPER-Christmas knitted toys

With his round shape just right for squeezing, friendly Flipper is set to be chief cuddle chum.

With their cute snub noses, little smiles and deep dark eyes baby seals are irresistible. They make perfect toys for little ones, the rotund shape and compact size makes it easy for small hands to hold onto. Knitted in garter stitch for the main body and a contrasting stitch for the nose, the seal’s features are all stitched on using black yarn so you can be sure that no little bits will come loose over time.

Download free knitting patterns with charts for  four Christmas knitted toys


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