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Cashsoft DK
2 x 50gm

Piece of matching colour felt approx 8 cm x 7 cm.
Oddments of grey yarn for eyes and nose.
Completed toy stands approx 14 cm (51?2in) high to top
of ears and is approx 14 cm (51?2in) from tail to nose.
Make one large 9 cm diameter pom pom for body, five
4 cm diameter pom poms for legs and tail, and one 6 cm

Using photograph as a guide, attach leg and tail pom
poms to large body pom pom, then attach head pom
pom to these. Cut felt in half to form
2 pieces, each 4 cm x 7 cm, and curve one end of each
piece. Fold straight end in half and attach to head to form
ears as in photograph. To form eyes, knot end of contrast
yarn, thread through centre of head pom pom and knot
again, positioning knots level with outside of pom pom.
Trim yarn back to knots. Embroider nose by working a
few straight sts using contrast yarn and then over sewing
around these sts.

Designed by Martin Storey

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