Hooded knitted sweater for kids

Hooded knitted sweater for kids

Hooded knitted sweater for kids

THE COLOUR-BLOCK design of this  hooded knitted sweater for kids is an example of garments I knitted for my own boys,” says Barb Brown. “I created blocks of colour and random stripes to use up the leftovers from solid colour sweaters.Here, the paintings of Piet Mondrian inspired me to use a dark neutral colour to separate colours that clashed.


Rico Design Essentials Merino DK (DK weight;

100% merino; 120m/131yds per 50g ball)
A Mid Grey (24); 2 x 50g balls
B Red (05);2x50g balls
C Cream (60); 1 x 50g ball
D Light Grey (98) 2 x 50g balls

E Yellow (65) 2 x 50g balls


1 pair 3.25mm (UK 10/US 3) knitting needles
1 pair 3.75mm (UK 9/US 5) knitting needles,
plus a spare needle for casting off
Stitch holders
Stitch markers
2 x 20mm (3Ain) buttons



24 sts and 32 rows to 10cm over st st on 3.75mm needles


Rib over an even number of sts: (Every row): (Kl, Pi) to end. Rib over an odd number of sts: (RS):(K1,P1) to last st, Kl. (WS): (PI, Kl) to last st, PI.

Hooded knitted sweater for kids-sizes

* “With 3.25mm needles and yarn A, using the long-tail method, cast on 68 (72:78) sts.
Starting with a WS row, work rib for 19 (23:23) rows. Next row (RS): Work rib and at the same  time inc 6 (8:8) sts evenly across row.  74(80:86) sts. Change to 3.75mm needles. Next row (WS): Purl.

Break yarn A and commence colour blocks using the intarsia method as foils:Note: Bring new colour over the top of old colour when changing. Row 1 (RS): Join yarn B and K37 (40:43),  join yarn C and knit to end.
Row 2 (WS): With yarn C, P37 (40:43), with yarnB, purl to end. Rep these 2 rows a total of 24 (28:30) tim es.

Next row (RS): Cast off 3 (4:6) sts, K to 3 (4:6) sts from endand cast off rem sts. Break yarns B and C. 68 (72:74) sts. Next row (WS): Join A and purl to end.* *
Commence second set of colour blocks as foils: Next row: JoinyarnDandK34 (36:37),  join E and knit to end.
Next row: Withyarn E, P34 (36:37), with yarn D, purl to end. Rep these 2 rows a total of 20 (24:26) times
ending with a WS row. Break yarns D and E. Next row (RS): Join yarn A and knit to end. Place all sts on hold. You will have the following number of sts; 21 (20:20) for each  shoulder and 26 (32:34) for the neck.

Work as for Back from * * to * *.
Now work Front in two separate halves at the same time (or separately if preferred)  as foils: Next row (RS): Joinyarn D, K30 (32:33), pm, K4 (4:4), cast on 4 sts. Join yarn E, cast on 4 sts, K4 (4:4), pm, knit to end.
Work the 8 sts inside the markers in garter st (K every row) and work rem sts in st st as set for 11 more rows and AT THE SAME TIME work buttonhole on LH placket on the 7th row as foils: slm, K4, yo, K2tog, K2.

Place the 13 (16:17) neck edge sts from each side on hold. Working both sides, dec 1 st in from neck edge every 2nd RS row 4 times. 4 sts dec’d each side. Cont in st st to 40 (48:52) rows from armhole cast-off. Break yarns D and E.
Next row (RS): Join yarn A and K 1 row on each shoulder. Place rem 21 (20:20) sts for each shoulder on

Place 21 (20:20) shoulder sts from Front and Back on separate needles with RS together  and using the spare needle and A, work  a three-needle cast-off. Rep for second  shoulder.

With RS facing, using 3.75mm needles and A, pick up and K60 (72:78) sts around armhole opening.
Next row (WS): Purl. Note: Change to yarn B for RH sleeve and  work LH sleeve with yarn E.
Cont in st stfor 60 (76:78) rows.
Next row: (Kl, K2tog) to end. 40 (48:52) sts. Next row: Change to A, purl across and at the same time evenly dec 6 sts. 34 (42:46) sts. Change to 3.25mm needles and work  19 rows in rib. Cast off loosely in rib. Rep for second sleeve using the other  colour.

With 3.25mm needles, yarn A and RS facing, starting at the left front, K13 (16:17) neck edge sts from holder and at the same time place a marker after 8 sts, pick up and K23 (31:35) sts along left front, K24 (30:32)
back neck, K2tog, pick up and K23 (31:35)  sts along right front edge, K13 (16:17) neck edge sts from holder and at the same time place a marker after 8 sts. 97 (l 25:137) sts. Keeping first and last 8 sts in garter st, work rib for 9 rows and at the same time, work a buttonhole on 5th row. Change to 3.75mm needles. With RS facing, cont working garter
borders in yarn A and join yarn D for the  hood. Work 6 rows straight. Next row (RS): Work 47 (61:67) sts M1L,
(Kl, pm) twice, Kl, MIR, K to end.  2stsinc’d. *** Work 5 rows straight. Next row (RS): K to 1 st before marker, MIL,  (Kl, slm) twice, Kl, MIR, K to end. *** Rep from *** to *** a further 8 (9:10) times.  115 (145:159) sts.
Work 15 (19:23) rows straight. Next row (RS): K to 3 sts before marker,  K2tog, (Kl, slm) twice, Kl, SSK, K to end.

Hooded knitted sweater for kids-chart

Hooded knitted sweater for kids-chart

Next row (WS): Work in patt as set. Rep prev 2 rows once more then dec row  only a further 3 times. Break yarnD.
105 (135:149) sts.
Next row (WS): With yarn A, purl across  and at the same time P2tog at centre of the  row. 104 (134:148) sts.
Place half of the sts on one needle, and half  on another. Holding RS together work a  three-needle cast-off.

FINISHING for Hooded knitted sweater for kids
Weave in ends and block to measurements, following any yarn care instructions on the ballband. Join seams and attach buttons.


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