Vest for women- free knitting pattern


Materials : Alpaca
Color No : 23109 (5 balls)
Needle No : 5
Knitting Style : Knit, purl, 2+2 rib, cable, slip stitch, knitting technique
with returns
Accessories : Fur

1- Cast on 90 stitches; work 7 cm of 2+2 rib, and then, set the stitches as; purl 5, * knit 6, purl 7, knit 4, purl 7, and repeat after the marking *. 2- Apply the diagram no. 3 onto the 6-knit stitches and the diagram no. 2 to the 4-knit stitches. 3- When body length is 50
cm, decrease 2 x 1 stitch at both ends at every 5 cm to drop to 86 stitches. 4- After knitting 64 cm for body length, decrease 1 stitch at both ends for armholes. 5- When body length is 84 cm, cast off the remaining 84 stitches to ?nish.

1- Cast on 52 stitches and knit 7 cm of 2+2 rib. Start-ing from the center front, work the stitches as; edging stitch 1, 24 stitches of the diagram no. 1 (purl 3, knit 12, purl 3, knit 6), purl 11, knit 4, purl 12.

2- When body length is 25 cm, knit 25 stitches starting from
the center front for pocket, and complete the row by working adjacent 24 stitches as 2+2 rib and knitting the remaining 3 stitches.

3- After knitting 2 cm this way, cast off the stitches worked as rib at once, and on the next row, pick up 24 stitches at the same place
and continue knitting.

4- When body length is 50 cm, decrease 2 x 1 stitches at one end on every 5 cm.

5- When the body length measures 64 cm, decrease 1 stitch at one end for armhole.

6- After knitting 61 cm for body length, knit 18 x 16 stitches on every
right row at the center front for neck opening, and drop to 31 stitches by decreasing 1 stitch by picking up
the next 2 stitches together.

7- When body length is 84 cm, ?nish by casting off 15 stitches remained on shoulder at once and after knitting 15 cm more with 16 stitches remained in the midst.

8- For pocket; pick up 24 stitches onto needle from the end of increase,
and knit 12 cm before casting off stitches. Sew it in-side.

9- Pass the fur through the twists at the center front. Knit the other front in the same way.

1- Pick up 90 stitches onto needle from arm-hole opening and work 2+2 rib. 2- After knitting 2 rows, using knitting technique with returns, leave 12+12+12+10 stitches without knitting at both ends on every row. 3- On the next row, work all the stitches
2 rows of knit, and ?nish by casting off the stitches. Work the other sleeve in the same way.

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