Look who’s come in from the cold for a hot chocolate and a fun
playdate! Meet the winter fox – an adorable  knitted toy fox!

WINTER FOX- free knitted pattern

WINTER FOX- free knitted pattern

1. Yarn
(100 % acrylic,100g/250m)
1 bal of each:
Yarn A Paprika
Yarn B Frost
Yarn C Blue Haze
a pair of 3.5mm needles
A pair of 4 mm needles
200g of toy stuffing
2 safety eyes(10mm diameter)
Black waste yarn (for nose)
Croche thook (for scarf tassles)

TENSION : 22 sts and 28 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) over st st using 4mm needles

36cm (14in) tall

Notes Use long tail cast-on for all pieces unless otherwise stated.
You will be using the intarsia method to work the nose,so wind off a small amount of Yarn A before you begin knitting.

Cast on 9 sts using 3.5mm needles and Yarn A.
Row 1and all foll WS rows Purl.
Row 2 (Kfb)8times,K1.[17sts] Row 4(K1,kfb)8times,K1.[25sts] Row 6 (K2, kfb) 8 times, K1. [33 sts] Row 8 Knit.
Row 10 (K3,kfb)8times,K1.[41sts] Rows 11 to 21 BegonaWSpurlrow,workinstst.
Row 22 K7, (k2tog, K3) 3 times, (ssk, K3) 3 times, K4. [35 sts]

Join in Yarn B and work nose using intarsia in Yarn A and Yarn B.

WINTER FOX- free knitted pattern

WINTER FOX- free knitted pattern

Row 23 P8B, P19A, P8B.
Row 24 K10B, k2togA, K11A, sskA, K10B. [33 sts] Row 25 P10B, P13A, P10B.
Row 26 K10B, k2togA, K9A, sskA, K10B. [31 sts] Row 27 P10B, P11A, P10B.
Row 28 K10B, k2togA, K7A, sskA, K10B. [29 sts] Row 29P10B,P9A,P10B.
Row 30 K10B, k2togA, K5A, sskA, K10B. [27 sts] Row 31P10B,P7A,P10B.
Row 32 K10B, k2togA, K3A, sskA, K10B. [25 sts] Row 33P10B,P5A,P10B.
Row 34K10B,k2togA,K1A,sskA,K10B.[23sts] Break Yarn A and work rem rows in Yarn B.
Row 35 Purl.
Row 36 (K1, k2tog) 7 times, K2. [16 sts] Row 37 Purl.
Row 38 (K2tog) 8 times. [8 sts] B&T.

Cast on 23 st susing 3.5mm needles and Yarn A.

Row 1 and all foll WS rowsPurl.
Row 2 Knit.

Row 4 K1,(ssk, K6,k2tog,K1)twice.[19sts] Row 6 Knit.
Row 8 K1,(ssk,K4,k2tog,K1)twice.[15sts] Row 10 K1,(ssk,K2,k2tog,K1)twice.[11sts] Row 12 K1, (ssk, k2tog, K1) twice. [7 sts] Row 13 Purl.

Cast on 10 sts using 3.5mm needles and Yarn A.

Row 1 and all foll WS rows Purl.
Row 2(Kfb)9times,K1.[19sts] Row 4(K1,kfb)9times,K1.[28sts] Row 6(K2,kfb)9times,K1.[37sts] Row 8 (K3, kfb) 9 times, K1. [46 sts] Row 10 Knit.
Row 12 (K8,kfb)5times,K1.[51sts] Rows 13 to 27BegonaWSpurlrow,workinstst.
Row 28 K7,(k2tog,K4)3times,K1,(K4,ssk)3times,K7. [45 sts] Rows 29 to 33BegonaWSpurlrow,workinstst.
Row 34 K7, (k2tog, K3) 3 times, K1, (K3, ssk) 3 times, K7. [39 sts] Row 36 Knit.
Row 38 K7, (k2tog, K2) 3 times, K1, (K2, ssk) 3 times, K7. [33 sts] Row 40 Knit.
Row 42 K7, (k2tog, K1) 3 times, K1, (K1, ssk) 3 times, K7. [27 sts] Row 44 Knit.
Row 46 K1, k2tog, (k2tog, K1) 8 times. [18 sts] Row 47 Purl.
Cast off.

Cast on 14 sts using 3.5mm needles and Yarn A.

Rows 1 to 37 Beg on a WS purl row,work in st st.
Row 38 K1, kfb, knit to the last 2 sts, kfb, K1. [2 sts inc’d] Row 39 Purl.
Rows 40 to 43RepRows38to39twicemore.[20sts] Rows 44 to 47 BegonaRSknitrow,workin st st.
Row 48 K2, (k2tog, K1) 6 times. [14 sts] Row 49 Purl.
Row 50 (K2tog) 7 times. [7 sts] B&T.

Cast on 15 sts using 3.5 mm needles and Yarn A.
Rows1to41BegonaWSpurlrowworkin st st.
Row 42 K4, (kfb) 7 times, K4. [22 sts] Row 43 Purl.
Row 44 K4, (K1, kfb) 7 times, K4. [29 sts] Rows 45 to 51 BegonaWSpurlrow,workin st st.
Row 52 K2, (k2tog, K1) 9 times. [20 sts] Row 53 Purl.
Row 54 (K2tog) 10 times. [10 sts] B&T.

Cast on 13 sts using 3.5mm needles and Yarn A.
Row 1 (WS) Purl.
Row 2 K1, (kfb, K1) 6 times. [19 sts] Rows 3 to 12 Beg on a WS purl row, work in st st.

Break off Yarn A and join i nYarn B.
Rows 13 to 15 Beg on aWS purl row,workin st st.
Row 16(K4,k2tog)3times,K1.[16sts] Row 17 and all foll WS rows Purl.
Row 18 (K3,k2tog)3times,K1.[13sts] Row 20(K2,k2tog)3times,K1.[10sts] Row 22 (K1, k2tog) 3 times, K1. [7 sts] B&T.

Cast on 6 sts using 3.5mm needles and Yarn B.
Row 1 Knit.
Row 2 K1,kfb,knittothelast2sts,kfb,K1.[2stsinc’d] Rows3to6Rep Rows 1 to 2 twice more. [12 sts] Rows7to13Knit.
Row 14 K1, k2tog, knit to the last 3 sts, k2tog, K1. [2 sts dec’d] Rows 15 to 17 Knit.
Row 18RepRow14.[8sts] Rows 19 to 21 Knit.
Row 22 Rep Row 14. [6 sts] Row 23 Knit.
Row 24 K1, (k2tog) twice, K1. [4 sts] Row 25 Knit.
Row 26 (K2tog) twice. [2 sts] B&T.

Cast on 10 sts using 4 mm needles and Yarn C.
Work in garter st until piece meas 47cm.
Cast off


HEAD   Insert toy safety eyes.Sew side edges tog,adding stuffing as you sew. Gather cast-on sts tog at back of Head.
For the nose, embroider a triangle and a smiley mouth in black yarn. EARS Sew side edges together.Use Yarn B and Swiss darning to decorate the inner ear in a triangle, starting on Row 2. The triangle is 2 rows and 6 sts wide at the base,2 rows and 4 sts wide at the centre,and 2 rows and  sts wide at the top. Sew the cast-on edge
of each Ear on to the top of the Head.

BODY   The cast-off sts are the neck.Sew the side edges together,adding stuffing as you sew.This seam runs down the centre back.
Gather the cast-on sts together at the bottom of the Body.Sew the underside of the Head onto the cast-off edge of the Body. Sew the chest panel onto the centre-front of the Body using image as a guide.

ARMS Sew the side edges tog adding stuffing (only lightly stuff the top of the arm). With the seam ededge facing the Body , sew the cast-on edge of each Arm on to top side of the Body.

LEGS Make up in the same way as the Arms and sew onto the bottom of the Body,with the seamed edge facing the back.

TAIL Sew side edges tog,add stuffing,and sew cast-on edge onto bottom-back of Body,with the seamed edge facing the bottom.

SCARF Cut 20 strands of Yarn A, approx 8cm long. Holding two strands together,fold them in half,and poke the folded end through one end of the Scarf (a crochet hook might help with this).Pull the ends of the strands through the loop and pull tightly.Repeat for the other 18 strands of Yarn A, working 5 tassels on each end of the Scarf. Wrap Scarf around the Fox’s neck

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