Hat and Mittens by Bergere de France for baby -free knitting pattern.

Hat and Mittens for baby knitting pattern

3 mths 6 mths 12 mths 24 mths

Bergere de France IDEAL

Everest 512.201
1 ball 1 ball 1 ball 2 balls

Pavot 244.081
1 ball 1 ball 1 ball 1 ball

YOU WILL ALSO NEED  for Hat and  Mittens for  baby knitting pattern
3mm and 3.5mm needles
Pom pom maker ref 612.741

2/2 RIB using 3m m needles
Row 1: *k2, p2* rep from *to*
Row 2: k over k, p over p
STOCKING ST (ST-ST) using 3.5m m needles.
Row 1: k
Row 2: p
JACQUARD using 3.5m m needles.
Follow the chart. For each heart use a small ball of yarn and cross over at the back when changing yarn colours.

24 sts and 31 rows in St-st using 3.5mm needles = 4in (10cm) square.

Each ear
Using 3.5m m needles a n d Everest cast on 13 sts.
Work in St-St, *2 rows Everest, 2 rows Pavot* rep from * to * 3 tim es, then work 4 rows Jacq u a rd starting th e 3rd row with 2 sts Everest * 1 st Pavot, 3 sts Everest * rep from * to *.


from the 5th row inc 1 st at each edge of row (1 st in from edge) then on everyfoll 4th row 3 times.
W hen work measures 2½ (6.5cm) (20 rows] total after th e 4 rows of Jaquard leave the 21 sts on a stitch holder.
Work a 2nd identical ear piece.

HAT knitting pattern
Using 3.5mm needles and Everest cast on 9(11-13-15) sts, pick up 21 sts for one ear, cast on 37(41-45-49) sts, pick up 21 sts for the other ear, cast on 9(11-13-15) sts.
Next row (ws): Work in Everest and p the 97(105-113-121) sts obtained.

Next row (rs): work in Jaquard starting as foil:3 and 12 mths: 1 st Everest * 1 st Pavot, 3 sts Everest* rep from * to *.
6 and 24 mths: *3 sts Everest, 1 st Pavot*  rep from * to *. The heart jacquard is worked in line with the 1st ear piece only.
When work measures 2%(3-3V2-4) in (7[8-9-10]cm) (22-24-28-32 rows] total work on
next rs row work: kl *k2tog, k6* rep from *to * (=12-13-14-15 sts). Work 3 rows on the rem 85 (92-99-106) sts.


after row 23(27-31-35) contin St-St using Everest. Next row (rs): kl, *k2tog, k5* rep *to*.
Work 3 rows on the rem 73 (79-85-91) sts. Rep this d e c row on next rs row and every foil 4th row 3 tim es, then on foil rs row once, Work 1 row on the rem 13(14-15-16) sts.
Next row (rs):
3 and 12 mths: kl, then k2tog across row. 6 and 24 mths: k2tog across row
Pass yarn through rem 7(7-8-8) sts, pull tight and fasten off.
With rs facing and using 3.5mm needles and Everest pick up nd k 155(163-171-179) sts  around cast on edge of hat.
Work 1 row of p, then cast off all sts purlwise.
Make 2 cords 8in (20cm) long using Pavot

Take a thread of yarn 5 times longer than required and knot the end, loop over a fixed point (eg doorhandle) and pulling quite taut twist with a finger or pencil, keep twisting until when point you are holding is taken to fixed
point it winds around itself. Even twists put to make a cord and knot the two ends together.
Make two 1 in (2.5cm) diameter pompoms and one 1¾in (4.5cm) diameter pompom using Pavot.
Sew hat seam .
Sew a cord to the bottom of each ear piece and sew smaller pom pom s to end, Sew larger pompom to the top of hat.

MITTENS knitting pattern
Using 3mm needles and Everest cast on 28(30-34-38) sts a n d work in 2/2 rib as foil:
2 rows Everest, 2 rows Pavot, 2 rows Everest, 2 rows Pavot, 2 rows Everest.
Change to 3.5m m needles and cont in St-St  inc 1 st on 1st row (= 29-31-35-39) sts.
From the 3rd row work in th e Jacquard patt  working 3 sts Everest a n d 1 St Pavot.
From the 6 th row on the ws o f work start th e 1st row of heart placing the 1 st stitch of Pavot 5(6-8-l 0) sts a long from the edge.
When work measures 2 V2(23/4-3 -3V2)in (6.5[7-8-9]cm) [22-24-28-30 rows] total work next row (rs) as foil: k2, k2tog, k8(9-l 1-13), slip 1, kl, psso, kl, k2tog, k8 (9-11-13), slip 1, kl, psso, k2.

Next row (ws): p25 (27-31-35).
Next row (rs): k2, k2tog, k6 (7-9-11), slip 1, kl, psso, kl, k2tog, k6 (7-9-11), slip 1, kl, psso, k2.
Next row (ws): p21 (23-27-31).Rep the dec row on next rs row and every foil rs row 1(1-2-2 ) times.
Next row (ws): p l3 (l5-15-19).
Fold them mitten rs facing and graft the rem sts. Then join side seam .
Make a 2nd identical mitten and join the 2 with a cord mad e in Everest approx.
21/12(231/2-231/ 2-251/2)in
(55[60-60-65]cm) long.

Hat and Mittens for baby knitting pattern

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