Aldington poncho-crochet pattern

Aldington poncho-crochetpattern

Aldington poncho-crochet pattern

The drape and texture of this poncho are easy to achieve with a 4-row stitch pattern and some luscious
hand-dyed yarn.

Woman’s small/medium/large (X-large/2X-large/3X-large)
Instructions are given for smaller size, with larger size in parentheses. When only 1 number is given, it applies to all sizes.

Finished Measurements
Wingspan: 41 Vi (50V4) inches
Length: 30 (39) inches (when worn with V-neck in front)

• Sweet Georgia Superwash DK (DK weight; 100% superwash merino wool; 256 yds/115g per hank): 4 (5) hanks magician

• Size 7 (4.5mm) 24-inch or longer circular needle or size needed to obtain gauge

Size F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook

19 sts and 30 rows = 4 inches/10cm in Faux Cable Rib st (unblocked)
19 sts and 24 rows = 4 inches/10cm in Faux Cable Rib st (blocked)
To save time, take time to check gauge.

Special Abbreviations
Cluster Right (Cl-R): K1, yo, k l; pass these 3 sts back to LH needle; insert RH needle into 4th st on LH needle
and pull it over the first 3; slip the 3 sts back to RH needle.
Cluster Left (Cl-L): S11, k1, yo, k1; pass slipped st over first 3 sts on RH needle.

Aldington poncho-crochet pattern

Pattern Stitch
Note: A chart is provided for those preferring to work pat st from a chart.
Faux Cable Rib (multiple of 29 sts + 14)
Row 1 (RS):*[K2, kl-tbl, pi] 3 times, kl-tbl, k l, kl-tbl, p i, k3, p2, k3, p i, kl-tbl, k l, kl-tbl, p i; rep from *
across to last 14 sts, [k2, kl-tbl, p1] 3 times, k2.
Row 2: P2, [k l, p3] 3 times, *[k1, p3] twice, k1, [kl, p3] 5 times; rep from * across.
Row 3: *[K2, k1 -tbl, p i] 3 times, k1 -tbl, k l, kl-tbl, p i, Cl-R, p2, Cl-L, p i, kl-tbl, kl, kl-tbl, p i; rep from *
across to last 14 sts, [k2, kl -tbl, pi ] 3 times, k2.
Row 4: [K3, p i] 3 times, k2, *[k1, p3] twice, k l, [kl, p3] twice, k l, p i, [k3, pi ] twice, k2; rep from * across.
Rep Rows 1-4 for pat.

Pattern Notes
A circular needle is used to accom­modate large number of stitches; do not join.
When working a Cl-R, be sure not to reknit the stitches from the LH needle after you have passed the
4th stitch over them. Just slip them back to the RH needle.
Row gauge changes dramatically after the fabric is blocked.

Aldington poncho-crochet pattern

Panel Make 2
Cast on 101 (130) sts. Work 4-row Faux Cable Rib pat until panel measures approx 29 (34) inches, ending with a Row 2 of pat. Bind off loosely.

Block each panel to finished measure­ments, stretching length to 36’/4 (42Vi) inches.
Referring to assembly diagram, sew ends A and B to corresponding sides of adjacent rectangle.

Neck Edging


Aldington poncho-crochet pattern

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