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The ripple stitch crocheted afghan is reborn in Comfort’s new interior colors and now we
call it a designer throw.
Shown in One Size.

34” wide x 52” long.

Colorway Olive: BERROCO COMFORT (100 grs), 4 balls #9703 Barley (A), and 3 balls
each #9754 Rabe (B), #9809 Antipasto Mix (C), #9781 Olive (D) and #9721 Sprig (E).

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Colorway Grape: BERROCO COMFORT (100 grs), 4 balls #9728 Raspberry Sorbet (A),
and 3 balls each #9717 Raspberry Coulis (B), #9780 Dried Plum (C), #9805 Berry Mix
(D) and #9727 Spanish Brown (E)
Crochet Hook, size 6.00 mm (J) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.

24 sts = 4”; 13 rows = 4” in Pat St.

All sc’s of Row 2 and following rows should be worked through the back loop only
EXCEPT the first 2 and last 2 sts of each row. These should be worked through BOTH
loops creating an edge that will not curl.

When changing colors at the end of a row, draw new color through 2 lps on hook to
complete sc. Make sure to leave a 5”-long end of new color and cut old color leaving a
5”-long end so you can easily weave in ends after throw is completed.
Work 14 rows A, 10 rows B, 6 rows C, 2 rows D, 14 rows E, 10 rows A, 6 rows B, 2
rows C, 14 rows D, 10 rows E, 6 rows A, 2 rows B, 14 rows C, 10 rows D, 6 rows E, 2
rows A, 14 rows B, 10 rows C, 6 rows D, 2 rows E, then 14 rows A – 174 rows.

Using A, ch 259.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next ch, skip next ch, * sc in next 9 ch, work 3
sc in next ch, sc in next 9 ch, skip next 2 ch, rep from * 11 times more, end skip next
ch, sc in last 2 ch. Ch 1, turn.
Note: From here on, work through back lps as stated in Note 1.
Row 2: Sc in first 2 sts, skip next st, * sc in next 9 sts, work 3 sc in next st, sc in next
9 sts, skip next 2 sts, rep from * 11 times more, end skip next st, sc in last 2 sts. Ch
1, turn. Rep Row 2, following Stripe Sequence until piece measures approximately 52”
from beg and Stripe Sequence has been completed. Fasten off.

Weave in all ends.

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