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Christmas Stocking-crochet pattern

Christmas Stocking-crochet pattern

Christmas comes but once a year and when it does it brings good cheer’, so why not bring your very own cheer to this magical time of year by creating some or all of the delightful little crocheted decorations. There is nothing quite like making your own tree hangings, either for yourself or to give as a special gift to a close friend or relative. They can be packed away and used year after year and even handed down through the generations, giving you and your family pleasure for many years to come.

Christmas Stocking-crochet pattern
Christmas Stocking-crochet pattern

Using white crochet cotton, make 29 ch.
Row 1: 1 sc (UKdc) into 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc (UKdc) into each ch to end; turn [28 sts].
Rows 2–3: work 1 sc (UKdc) into each sc (UKdc) to end.

Row 4: join in red. *Insert hook into first sc (UKdc) and pull yarn through, then insert hook into corresponding sc (UKdc) 2 rows below, draw up loop and work as normal sc (UKdc),* repeat to end.
Row 5: using red, work 1 row in sc (UKdc).
Row 6: using white, work 1 row in sc (UKdc).
Row 7: using white, repeat row 4.
Row 8: using white, work 1 row in sc (UKdc).
Rows 9–20: using red, work each st in sc (UKdc).
Now create the top of the foot:
Row 1: work in sc (UKdc) across 18 sts, turn.
Row 2: work in sc (UKdc) across 8 sts, turn.
Rows 3–10: work in sc (UKdc) on these 8 sts.
Break yarn.
Work foot as follows:
Rejoin yarn and work 10 sc (UKdc) along the right side of the top of the foot, 8 sc (UKdc) across the toe, and 10 sc (UKdc) down the left side of top of the foot then finally work across the remaining 10 sc (UKdc) of the foot [48 sts], turn.
Rows 1–6: work in sc (UKdc) across all sts.
Row 7: sc (UKdc) 2 tog, sc (UKdc) 20, sc (UKdc) 2 tog twice, sc (UKdc) 20, sc (UKdc) 2 tog.
Row 8: sc (UKdc) 2 tog, sc (UKdc) 18, sc (UKdc) 2 tog twice, sc (UKdc) 18, sc (UKdc) 2 tog.
Row 9: sc (UKdc) 2 tog, sc (UKdc) 16, sc (UKdc) 2 tog twice, sc (UKdc) 16, sc (UKdc) 2 tog.
Row 10: sc (UKdc) 2 tog, sc (UKdc) 14, sc (UKdc) 2 tog twice, sc (UKdc) 14, sc (UKdc) 2 tog.
Row 11: sc (UKdc) 2 tog, work in sc (UKdc) to last 2 sts, sc (UKdc) 2 tog; fasten off.
To make up
Work in the yarn ends and sew the foot and back seam of the stocking. Attach the snowflake buttons and the ribbon bow, using the photograph as a guide. Fold the silver ribbon in half to make a hanging loop, trimming it to the required length, and attach it to the stocking.



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